10 Must-Do Tanzania Experiences

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Scuba Dive Zanzibar
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Congratulations you finally narrowed down your list of African destinations and committed to Tanzania.  Job well done. Africa is so plentiful of marvels so we know it wasn’t easy. Tanzania will not disappoint. There is so much to do in every corner of the country. We made a short list of our Top 10 Must See Places & Experiences  in Tanzania for 2018.

1. Dar Es Salaam

The locals nicknamed the city   “Dar”. The  Metropolitan capital of Tanzania. Coastal tropic oasis with a culture mix of African, Arabic, Indian & European. Welcome to the city of peace.

Aerial view of the haven of peace – Dar es Salaam

2. Sauti za Busara Festival

 English translation- ‘Voice of Wisdom’ Festival. It is the largest music festival in Africa On #MusicMonday we will highlight  African Artist

3. Bongoyo Island

Off the beaten tourist path with pristine blue beach access. 15min ferry from ‘Dar

4. Zanzibar Spice Farm Tour

Best way to explore the Spice Island and learn historical context about the oldest city in East Africa

5. Hike Mt. Kilimanjaro- The roof of Africa

Hike to the top and see the tallest Mountain in Africa


6. Serengeti National Park

Witness the largest animal migration on the planet.

7. Go on a Boat Safari

End it by #BeachTrekking with Elephants on the Swahili Coast

Sailing the Indian Ocean

8. Eat authentic Tanzanian cuisine 

Stay tuned every #FoodFriday for our African Food posts


9. Scuba dive in a Coral Reef Park w.Dolphins

No additional description necessary. Just wow!

10. Attend Zanzibar International Film Festival

The Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) is  world renowned for its distinguished caliber of African Film, Art, Music, Design, Dhow race and Wanandege.

20th Zanzibar International Film Festival

20th Zanzibar International Film Festival

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