20 Facts About Tanzania

1. The Nile

Home of the Spice IslandZanzibar

3. The Motherland

This is one of the birthplaces of mankind: Olduvai Gorge

4. Kiswahili Origins

Origin of the most spoken African Language- Kiswahili 

There are more than 130 tribes in Tanzania that speak a unique language. 1st president Julius “Walimu” Nyerere, selflessly chose Kiswahili as the official language of Tanzania instead of his native Zanaki tribe.

The Swahili tribe live along the east coast of Africa. To date Kiswahili is the most dispersed dialect in Africa. Tanzania is also the 1st sub-saharan country to use an African language as the main language for its entire education system. It has recently denounced English as an official language.

5. Serengeti

The worlds largest animal migration is the Serengeti.

6. Safariville

The Safari Capital of the world.

Beach safaris, camel safari, ballon safaris, boat safaris, night safaris and more! 30% of Tanzania’s land is preserved for wildlife so there is plenty of room for the classic Rover safari. Over 4 million animals and the largest concentration of wildlife per square mile. You will not find caged zoo animals in these parks.

7. Mount Kilimanjaro

Highest Mountain in Africa- Mt. Kilimanjaro

8. Lake Victoria

Largest Lake in Africa- Lake Victoria
It’s also the 2nd Largest freshwater lake in the world.
3 countries surround it: Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda

9. Lake Tanganyika

Deepest freshwater Lake in Africa- Lake Tanganyika
2nd oldest lake in the world and a fifth of world’s fresh water supply. Millions rely on it’s existence from Tanzania, Burundi, the Democratic of Congo, and Zambia. Unsustainable  practices now has it threatened.

10. The ‘Big Five’ Guarantee: Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater is the only place in the world with ALL the Big Five. If you are on a short trip and only have 1 day to see the Royal Big Five, this is the only place you are guaranteed to see them all in one day.

11. Tree Climbing Lions

 Lake Manyara & the  Serengeti are the gatekeepers of the famous tree climbing lions

12. Dar es Salaam means the ‘City of Peace’

The name –Dar es Salaam– couldn’t be more perfect. This tropical oasis is 40x safer than both America and Europe. There have never been any civil wars, ethnic conflicts, and almost zero terrorist attacks. You don’t have to worry about school shootings or mass public shootings here (knock on wood). It is a culture of people that pride themselves on peace and love. Tanzanians are welcoming with open arms and hearts

13. Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is ~6,000mi²
14,763km² to be exact. That is massive. Almost the size of New Jersey. Can you imagine exploring a National Park that is larger than a state? Well Tanzania has 16 for you choose from. The average national park size in Tanzania is 2,000mi². That means there is plenty to see everywhere.

14. The oldest city in East Africa – Stone Town, Zanzibar

It is also the only ancient town that is still economically vibrant in East Africa. 

15. Ngorongoro Crater Volcano

World’s largest inactive volcanic caldera.
The ngorongoro crater makes the list again because it is just that special.

16. A Coral Reef Park

The only coral reef park in Africa, that you can swim inside. 

17. Pink flamingos live on pink lakes. 

Lake Natron is a pink salt lake that is only inhabitable by thousands of flamingos and thermophiles. It can turn other animals to stone.

18. Largest land crab in the world: 

The  Coconut Crab is 3ft of yummy scrumptious deliciousness. The best crab on the planet. Why? Well, they eat a coconut diet. That’s right they can open a coconut.

19. Secret Red Chicken that’s served only at night

Secret Red Chicken is served only at night. 
It’s not a secret to locals but tourist usually miss out on this delectable delight. At sunset the restaurants and street vendors open up just to sell this life changing masterpiece. In Zanzibar it comes in both yellow and red. Guaranteed to be the best chicken you’ve ever tasted.

20. Mungu Ibariki

Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa share the same National Anthem called “Mungu Ibariki​”.

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