Dar es Salaam

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I immediately fell in love the first moment I landed in Dar es Salaam. It is truly an adventurers paradise. There are not that many cities in the world that  give you quick access to so many diverse cultural attractions and geographical wonders. It is East Africa’s largest metropolitan and often overlooked by most tourist that go only to the Serengeti safari  in the northern Arusha region. It is an gem and the heart of Tanzania.  The name means “house of peace” and it delivers on that promise.


Nyerere Bridge

Nyerere Bridge
Photo Credit: @dhlaxman


Dar es Salaam romantically lays on the shorelines of the Indian Ocean. The clean bluish green beaches have repeatedly been rated as one the most beautiful in the world.  You can hand pick any kind of cool experience you can imagine. Such as a hot air balloon safari, relax on a #beachnic with beer and lobster, scuba dive in a coral reef park, visit the famous Mwenge Woodcarvers Village, take a sunset boat safari, history dive in Bagamoyo,  see Elephants trekking the beach, go bush rover camping, take a drive to Mikumi National Park and check out the lions, or chill in Dar es Salaam and enjoy the Bongo music vibes during the vibrant nightlife scene. Don’t forget to eat some chips mayai with kachumbari and other delicious Swahili street foods. 


If island life is your cup tea, then you will be pleasantly surprise.  Dar es Salaam offers quick ferry access to almost a dozen islands, the most famous one is Zanzibar. Other nearby  islands such as Bongoyo are closer (about a 15 min ferry ride) and are off the beaten path of most tourist. You can just relax and #beachbum all day. If you get there early enough you can pretend you are on your own private island.

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