International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

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International Women's Day

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Hello Royal family. It’s 2019 and its great to be back. In case you missed my story here is a quick recap. My husband and children packed our bags last year and moved to East Africa, Tanzania. Needless to say I was a little busy transitioning and smoothing things out physically and spiritually. That move took way more energy out of me than I anticipated. So, this is my first blog post since 2018. Crazy right! Don’t worry I’m back on the bandwagon.


Happy New Year and Happy Women’s Day

Yes there is no better time to return than to celebrate me, I mean us! I didn’t even know about this international women’s day thing until recently. It was right on time because I had personally just gone through a journey of
self reflection and affirming a new commitment to providing myself more time and self love for ME! As a wife and mother I sometimes get lost in the sauce of servitude. Running around and doing for the kids, of course trying to keep my King happy and occasionally walking the dog. I adapted some Ayurvedic techniques to help ground and recenter myself and VIOLA I felt more sane again lol. So, what is this international women’s day all about anyway?

What is International Women’s Day

Well apparently it has Russian roots, sort of. Russia by way of New York City that is. 1909 to be specific, by the American Socialist Party that later honored the day to be held on the 8th of every March in memory of the women textile workers that revolted during the Russian Revolution. Yes that threw me by a surprise. Today the UN celebrates this day for gender and women’s rights but I’ll also insert racial equity. Because lets be frank us Black sister’s have always had the raw end of the stick but it’s up to us to take back control of our story. Write your own -history- herstory sis.

My understanding of Women’s Day is not a anti-male day. It’s not an abrasively feminist-men-don’t-matter-notion. It’s more of a we are present, we are equal, we matter, and we deserve a seat at the table too. *Insert hair flip*

Next Steps

Happy Women’s Day again. In celebration of this iconic day, go out and do something selfishly for you because you deserve it. Start by signing up for our now annual Women’s Retreat and pamper self on the tropical beaches of Africa. This will be held during the week of Mother’s Day weekend. It will be a rejuvenating and relaxing experience for all women. Bring ya momma, bring ya sister, and bring ya cousin too. If they not ready just bring ya self. No matter what you will be in good company with me and I assure you we are going to leave empowered, refreshed and recharged. Above all else we will be ready to battle this sweet thing called life.

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