Manifest Sierra Leone’s Kitchen

Manifest Sierra Leone’s Kitchen

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It’s #AfroFoodFriday and today we are packing our plates, our passport, and traveling  to Sierra Leone.

Rice Akara by  Manifest Kitchen

Sort of. More like the Sierra Leonean kitchen of the sultry Michaella Kosia.  She prefers to be called, Hawa and let me tell you this woman can burn in the kitchen. I first sampled her cuisine at  the Jollof Wars a few months back. I had a meat pie that melted in my  mouth and her puff puffs. A meat pie is similar to empanadas or the commercial Hot Pockets that I was raised on as a child.  She should really get her meat pies in stores because they are 30 times better than anything I’ve purchased from the grocery.  Puff Puff are fried dough balls that were reminiscent  of the maandazi my family makes in Tanzania.

After months of drooling over her instagram pics it inspired me to start a vlog series highlighting African cooks from all 54 countries.  African cuisine does not get the publicity it deserves. There are no African cooking shows on the Cooking channel, Food network or any other major cable TV channel. So we decided to do something about the lack of exposure and created an African cooking series. We will live stream on Instagram and Facebook cooks from every African country in their kitchen making a dish that they love from their homeland.  Starting tonight August  31st at 7:30pm EST with  Chef Hawa


Africa is huge continent  and there are so many different flavor profiles and techniques that vary from region to region. The common theme is that nearly every country has always practiced what is now trending  in the U.S as farm-to-table. For centuries they have cooked fresh and local vine ripened produce straight from the land or sea.  We are excited to share this culinary journey with you. Stay tuned by following the hashtags  #54CountryTarget, #AfroFoodFridays and by joining our RoyaList for updates. Now back to Chef Hawa.



About Chef Hawa

Hawa was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone (West Africa). Her mother is from the Krio tribe and father from the Mende tribe.  She is a self-proclaimed food enthusiast who enjoys sharing her love of food through her growing instagram page, Manifest Kitchen. As a first generation immigrant in the United States, Hawa grew up in a Sierra Leonean family in which food was the heart of many gatherings. Her Uncle who raised her would often encourage her to cook with him as a child. Thus instilling her passion for cooking at a very young age. She uses her West African heritage to curate mouth watering and vibrant dishes to plate for her IG follower. She also makes sure to include healthy recipe options for the health conscious followers. In addition, she makes certain to add a little education and history pertaining to the specific dish. We interviewed her and asked the following questions about  Sierra Leonean food. 


Common Sierra Leone cooking ingredients?

Onions, scotch bonnet peppers, maggie, tomatoes, dried fish, ogri, and palm oil

What are 5 staple dishes from Sierra Leone?

1. Any plassas aka stewed greens like cassava leaves, potato leaves, spinach etc. Always served with rice.
2. Fried stew and rice
3. Groundnut stew and rice
4. Pepper chicken or pepper fish

What’s your locally brewed beer?

Star Lagar

What does a typical sunday or holiday dinner include?

Ginger beer, Jollof rice, meat kebabs, whole baked pepper fish or pepper chicken, cassava leaves, Jasmine rice, fish balls, fried rice, black eyed peas cooked in palm oil, and palm oil stew.

What are some family food traditions?

On the one year anniversary and 40th anniversary of the death of a loved one we cook black eyed peas and their favorite foods. The food is left out until 6pm for their honor to let them know we are still keeping their memory alive.

What dish will you cook during our #AfroFoodFriday cooking series?

Rice Akara



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